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Gibbs giving DiNozzo a spanking

First off, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I have check and rechecked the tags and I hope that I was able to get them right. 

I'm looking for recs where Gibbs gives Tony a spanking, something along the lines of Tony needing something to destress him and a spanking is the only way for him to 'come down' as some would say. Or where one of Tony's kinks is being spanked but hasn't been able to find someone who he is comfortable with it. 

Anyways, I don't want any father/son recs just slash pairing of Gibbs and DiNozzo.

Also, thank you in Advance.


Here are several by Xanthe that fit with your request and if you haven't read any by her, I highly recommend it ~ she's a phenomenal writer! All three, though, deal with a BDSM lifestyle (just as a warning), but they are so tastefully done!

The First Collar (read before HIPS below) ~
Hiding in Plain Sight (Crossover with SGA) ~
Two Masters ~
Also, Reaching Limits by Little Janie ~
Sorry to leap in here, but I was reading this thread and trying to follow the link up above. For me it just has one very short part of the beginning of the fic...and I can't find a way to get to any of the rest of the fic, assuming there's more to it than just one small bit. Any ideas?
Just click on the next entry thingie and keep going. Sometimes there are other entries, but just skip to the next one. It's a fun comm, but sadly, not all that busy.
thanks for the recs, though sadly I've read already.

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