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Tony spank

Hello everybody,

So, I'm looking for a fanfiction. So I do not remember much. I know it's Gibbs / Tony Father / son. Tony comes to live at home of Gibbs, there's like 12 or 13 chapters or more. Gibbs decides the rules, so he told Tony that when he says a bad word he will wash his mouth out with soap, it can also have lines to write, and of course have a buttock. I also remember that Gibbs and Tony have argument and Tony broke his pencil, and had ink in his mouth and on his clothes, he is a party in the bathroom NCIS to clean it up and Gibbs came after him, and Tony yelled how he had more time to take a break or I do not know. Maybe I'm confusing two fanfiction. Anyway I loved this fanfiction. But I found more .. =(

I am too looking for fanfictions or Gibbs spanks Tony because he did not follow a rule, because he disobeys to him or other, because he sulks because he is like a child, because he acted like a child or because he yelled at Gibbs or another team member. There may also have other team members. Gibbs / Jenny as parents or someone Gibbs and someone other one. No Tiva.

Can anyone help me?

ps: I'm not English. Sorry for the mistakes. =S
Tags: character-related:hurt!dinozzo, character-related:insecure!dinozzo, character-related:kid!dinozzo, hurt:emotional, theme:family
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