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tony/gibbs fic featuring sub/dom aspects

I read this fic a couple a years ago, but can't find it again. The only part I rememeber clearly is that Tony is at Gibbs' house and Gibbs has him is subspace during a weekend. I think it happened after a bad case. I don't remember if Tony shows up at Gibbs' or if Gibbs takes Tony home with him. They are not already in a releationship. It may be episode releated but I'm not sure. Not a lot to go on I know, but that's all I remember. I've spent the last four days going through the community tags with no luck.

Thank you for the help.

Stepping Out of the Shadows


It's been awhile since I've read this, but is it In the Light of a New Day by cernicalo? It's the only Sub!Tony story I have bookmarked that I can remember possibly having this situation.
Sorry, it's not this one, but Thank you I have something new to read.
Gad, I know what fic you're talking about, but can't remember the author! It's after Aliyah, and Gibbs takes Tony down on the plane home and keeps him down all weekend. I'm no help.
I remember that one. Everyone identifies as Dom or sub and Abby is a switch. Tony has identified as a beta because he wants to avoid discrimination, but he's really a sub.
I thought it was ellenscult series, but I don't remember it being first person. Maybe I'm remembering wrong? Grr, arg.

OP, see if this is it. There are three parts.

This was what the above was based on, try this, too.

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Yes that's it, Stepping Out of the Shadows. Thank you. I didn't remember it being first person.
Just finished reading the 3 parts of Stepping Out of the Shadows and love them. Don't want to leave that world.
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