lady_usako (lady_usako) wrote in ncisficfind,

tony/gibbs fic featuring sub/dom aspects

I read this fic a couple a years ago, but can't find it again. The only part I rememeber clearly is that Tony is at Gibbs' house and Gibbs has him is subspace during a weekend. I think it happened after a bad case. I don't remember if Tony shows up at Gibbs' or if Gibbs takes Tony home with him. They are not already in a releationship. It may be episode releated but I'm not sure. Not a lot to go on I know, but that's all I remember. I've spent the last four days going through the community tags with no luck.

Thank you for the help.

Stepping Out of the Shadows
Tags: *found, author:e, category:slash, character-related:sub!dinozzo, kink:d/s, pairing:gibbs/dinozzo, request:angst, series, theme:first time, theme:hurt/comfort
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