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Gibbs/DiNozzo hurt comfort

Hello, fellow readers! I am looking for Gibbs/DiNozzo fics that are well written, with a hurt comfort focus...preferably slashy and with a chronic illness of some sort on Tony 's part. I read Not That Simple and Damage and loved something along those lines.


I tagged your post this time, but in the future please make sure you tag your requests, per the comm rules located on the profile page.

Jane (mod)
Slashscribe has a themed list here where you will find some fics that meet your criteria.
This a Gibbs/Tony father/son rather than slash.

Fine is a Four Letter Word by secretchild
These are all the Sick!Tony ones I had saved. All are really good fics. Not all are slash which is what I usually read, but are well worth the read anyway. Hope this helps.

Whimpers by espressomorning
Summary: Tony Suffers Migraines - Gen

In The Dark by Alkaline Teegan
Summary: Tony's hiding something—no surprise there. But would it really be so bad if the members of his team found out? Warnings for language and spoilers throughout the series. NEW chapter up! - Gen - Series of interconnected one shots - Migraines

Out of the Dark by Alkaline Teegan
Summary: Will secrets tear apart Tony's and Gibbs' new relationship? This began as a SLASH chapter of "In the Dark" and ended up being its own story. Completed fic posted: eleven chapters plus an epilogue. Warnings for language and violence. Enjoy! - Slash Gibbs/Tony - Migraines

Where Angels Fear to Tread by lila_blue
Summary:It takes serious illness to bring Gibbs and Dinozzo together - Slash Gibbs/Tony - MS

I Can't Take it Anymore by JustPlainAmy
Summary: He couldn't seem to stop crying, even after his eyes long lost the ability to tear his chest continued to heave with loud sobs. He was a wreck and he wouldn't deny it not for a second... this was it, it was the final straw. /M because of sucidal themes/ - Slash Gibbs/Tony - Depression/Suicidal Themes

After The Storm by Annie
Summary: Tony's been gone for a year. He comes back a changed man with a small burden in tow. - Slash Gibbs/Tony - Not exactly what you are after, the illness is of a secondary character, but I would still recommend it. - HIV/AIDS

The Impractical Heart by Pough
Summary: When a tiny virus sweeps through Tony's body, leaving catastrophic results, his team remains vigilant. Not meant to be a "ship" story, but strong hints of it. - slight hints of a ship, but not the focus of the fic. I would say it is Gen - Heart Failure

Adjusting by slashfanatic22
Summary: Tony is determined to not let Gibbs know what's wrong, with the fear that he'll lose his job....and his chance with Gibbs - Gen - HIV/AIDS

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