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Oct. 24th, 2014

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Looking for specific Tibbs story

I've been racking my brain trying to remember this story but am not having any luck. This is Gibbs/Dinozzo slash and there is one part that describes Tony as being touch-starved. That is all I remember.

Oct. 25th, 2014


wedding ring necklace Tibbs

any fics where Tony or Gibbs wears their wedding/committment band on a chain around their neck? i think there's a few stories but can't remember them. please help! could be either post break up, divorce or just to hide their relationship.

Oct. 22nd, 2014


Heatstroke Tony

Hi, I'm looking for a story I found on fan fiction. It was when Kate was still alive and it was centered around Tony who was captured and Gibbs was somewhere nearby hiding but injured. I think Tony mightve been whipped and he was sunburnt. I remember McGee had injured his hands somehow and, he had trouble taking his shirt off. I might be confusing a few stories together. They had to hose down Tony when they found him cause they were afraid of heatstroke. It was gen.

Also, if you guys can recommend any stories where Tony has heat stroke or has problems due to the sun, I would love you guys forever! Thank you for your help!
Black Kitty


Ziva attacks Tony in the Navy Yard carpark

Hello. Looking for a specific story: Ziva attacks Tony after (possibly) being fired. Or reprimanded. She attacks him outside the NCIS building. Her attack is recorded on the CCTV. Fornell and the FBI take the case because it was an attack on a federal agent.

EDIT: story found. Link in comment.

Oct. 21st, 2014

SGA - Stargate


NCIS/Due South

Im looking for a fic I could have sworn i read a long time ago. It was a Due South/NCIS crossover. Tony flirts with Fraser and I think they end up having sex.

Anyone remember this fic?

Oct. 20th, 2014


Sick Gibbs

Hi all!

I have been looking for a specific Tibbs fic. I remember Gibbs gets sick, tired run down, etc & has to completely change his diet. He can't work & he and Tony are having money problems. I think it was on, but can't be certain.

Thanks for all your help!

Oct. 17th, 2014

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Quantum Leap Type Story?

Has anyone read any "Quantum Leap" (Scott Bakula TV Show) type stories in the NCIS fandom?  In which Tony, for instance, jumps in place or time or into situations or into another body? Any characters or genre. Just curious! Well, I'm thinking about writing something along these lines. Note that it doesn't have to be a crossover. I'm interested in the time or alternate level jumping. Maybe even reincarnation.


Tony´s Bucket List

I´m loking for a fiction where Gibbs helps Tony with his bucket list and takes him to the grave of Humphrey Bogart.
Thank you for your help.


Oct. 16th, 2014

Slash Gambit


Hidden long term Gibbs/Tony relationship

Are there any fics where Gibbs and Tony have been together since Before Kate, McGee, Ziva came onto the team, and they hide their relationship from everyone, but say Ducky and Morrow? So Sheppard and/or Vance didn't know. Then somehow their relationship comes to light and everyone's like "How did we not know?" Am I making any sense? Please and Thank you for any help.


Tony has had enough.

Spoiler alert: In "Dead Weight" by Rebecca Zellers, the team is very supportive of Tony when Ziva goes too far in putting him down again. However, Tony doesn't confront her to her face.

I'm now looking for fics when Tony does confront her about her bad behavior toward him. I'd like to read fics where he gets in her face and tells her he's had enough, that she needs to respect him as the SFA or get out of NCIS, and he gets backed up by Gibbs. I don't really care if she changes her behavior or gets kicked out of NCIS. I'd just like to read that kind of confrontation.

FYI: I have read "Back to Israel" so no need to rec that fic.

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Looking for positive Tim as Tony's SFA fics

I seem to remember at some point I read a fic where Tim left team Gibbs with Tony to become his SFA. I don't remember anything but that though, so any POSITIVE Tim as Tony's SFA fics will do. I'm usually very happy with a good anti-Tim story, but that isn't what I'm looking for today. Just want some good friendship as Team Leader and SFA action. NO McNozzo!! NO TIVA!! Gen, Tibbs, or Gibbs and Tony Father/Son fics are all welcome.

Thank you so much for your help!


Gibbs apologises for threatening to break tonys fingers

I am looking for a fic thats a tag to the EP where Gibbs threatens to break tonys fingers if he touches his cell phone again. He finds out that Tonys father had broken tonys fingers before, and Gibbs takes Tony into his off (the elevator) to apologise and ask why he hadn't said anything.


Oct. 14th, 2014


Looking for Boxed In story

I read a fanfic related to Boxed In where Tony and Gibbs are in a relationship when Tony gets left out of the team dinner. Sadly, I did not book mark it and cannot remember the name. In the story, Tony does not forgive Gibbs. Does anyone know the name of this fic?
Thanks in advance!!!


When Hollywood ran out of Indians

Okay so I haven't read this fic but I want to cause I heard some intresting things about it. I know something bad happens to tony, like he is raped or something. Im just wondering if anyone can send me a wprking link or email me a copy to . If they can I would be eternally greatful. So yeah, the fic I am asking about is called When Hollywood Runs Out of Indians, I dont know who its by..

Oct. 12th, 2014

Jonathan Gilat

sub ziva

Looking for stories in which ziva is a submissive to either Gibbs,Tony,Abby McGee, and or Kate


Gibbs and Vance cares for Tony

After what it says in the title, any fics where both Gibbs and Vance recognize that Tony is an asset to NCIS and take care of him. Both gen and slash are welcome but if you could warn for WIPs, thanks!

Oct. 9th, 2014



Fics about Gibbs/Shannon and Tony

Hey, are there any fics where Shannon is still alive and has been with Gibbs all this time and Tony is on his team at NCIS and falls for Gibbs regardless? I am not looking for the ones where it is Tibbs and Shannon and Kelly were in witness protection but rather recs where:

1. Gibbs is at NCIS, married to Shannon and Tony falls for Gibbs.
2. It can be reciprocal or unrequited for Tony, it can end up with Gibbs cheating on Shannon or with a threesome of Tony/Gibbs/Shannon, any fics out there like this?

The longer, the better. Self-recs are welcome.

I suppose I am also looking for ones where one or both aren't at NCIS but the rest applies if the above is not available.
Tony B&W Face offset


Lost Fic Gibbs and DiNozzo have friends in common

I don't remember much about this. Gibbs and DiNozzo had a female friend in common. Gibbs went away to spend time with a group of friends and Tony knew one of the women and was there. I believe it's Tibbs. Maybe took place on the beach? I believe it was chaptered and possibly I read it on, but I'm not anywhere near certain about that.

Any help is appreciated!~


Tiva story where they lay in bed playing a game

I am looking for a story of Tony and Ziva. All I remember from the story is that they were laying in bed together and they would play this game where they would stare at each other for awhile, remember all they can about each other then would tell each other everything they could remember but Tony loses by looking at her then the phone rings I believe. Please help! I've been thinking about it for awhile now but can't remember anything else.

Please help! I know it's not much to go on but it is all I can remember!!

Oct. 13th, 2014


Team with kids with disabilities

I am looking for fics or wondering if there are any fics out there that have a member of them team with a child who has a disability and how they respond to that and care for that child. It can be gen, het, or slash. It does not matter to me.

Also was wondering if there were any AU or team member turned kid fics where that team member ends up having a disability. I am currently reading Innocence on which is sort of what I'm looking for but would love for the team member to be a child instead of an adult.

Oct. 7th, 2014


LFS Gibbs/Tony McGee/Ziva Abby/OC

First, Gibbs and Tony get together, and after blowing up at Abby Tim and Ziva get together.

THen a new agent is added to the team, a good southern boy from AL.  Very country, alot of saying from his Grandpa, total opposite of Abby, but still finds her very attractive.

The blow up scene is the only one I can remember clearly.  Abby just broke up with her latest boyfriend, and tries to get back with McGee, and he yells, "That's its, not again.  I'm through with being you rebound guy.  Never again."  or something like that.  Shortly after that, McGee and Ziva end up in bed, and Abby finds out, and blow her stack.

Does this sound familair?


To Guard and Protect

looking for the full story and i think a sequel.

the story is to guard and protect AU. Tony never thought Gibbs would be interested in him. He also never thought that he would be part of a secret remnant of an ancient civilization either.

Oct. 6th, 2014

Slash Gambit


Looking for young Hero Tony Stories

I just watched Rekindled, and was wondering if there are any stories where Tony is a hero without boasting about it and the team finds out; be it when Tony is in College, Rookie, whatever. Tibbs or Gen please no Tiva. Please and Thank You.

Oct. 5th, 2014


Foreign Operative.

Looking for a where Tony is a foreign operative. And meets the team on some high profile case.


Good Vance?

I'm looking for Good Vance fics! Especially ones were he and Dinozzo are friends? Something where Vance sees more in Tony than in the show or the rest of the fics I've seen

Oct. 4th, 2014



Tony leads team, Lee trusts him to help

Ok, I am remembering one small thing from a longer fic, Tony is in charge of the MCRT and either Gibbs never came back from Mexico to demote him or did something else when he came back so Lee is still on Tony's team and isn't shuffled out of a field agent position and back to Legal and she trusts Tony since he trains her and when she is threatened/blackmailed about selling secrets, she immediately goes to Tony and they rescue the little girl and Lee never becomes a mole/traitor. I know this is a longer fic and this was a fairly short section in it. The fic was Tony-centric and maybe Gibbs-centric too if he came back, possibly slash, maybe gen or het but it was NOT Tiva. Hopefully someone can help me locate this fic with this small bit of info. Thanks all!

Found! Thanks!

Oct. 3rd, 2014


In search of Gibbs/DiNozzo fic, where Tony becomes Director because he

Hurt his leg during an assignment. I remember specific details, but hope i am not mixing several stories up.
McGee quits NCIS and is working in the private sector
He runs into Tony at a party and helps him sit down before he falls down.
Gibbs/Dinozzo are together and had been for years,
But McGee never knew.
I don't know if Ziva ended up in jail.

Also I know there was a sequel, where Tony and Gibbs die in a car accident.
Does this ring any bells for anyone?


Oct. 2nd, 2014


Looking for specific fic after ep Bury your dead.

This one scene sticks in my head, gibbs finds tony alone (in the bullpen i think), and tony is unwell due to sugar crash as has not eaten for over a day. Gibbs gets him an orange juice i think and some sweets. (I am aware of a similar scene in the angel of death fic but thats not it)

Thanks in advance

Oct. 1st, 2014


fics w Tony being bisexual

i'd like fic recs where Tony dates both genders. (Tibbs always preferred if there's an eventual pairing, Tiva only if it ends up Tibbs.) thanks.


Broken links, missing fics

I have been working my way backwards through the community lately, post by post and have come across a number of fics I would like to read but that have broken links or have been removed. I won't list all of them because frankly, there are a lot the further back you go. When I find one, I Google it and try Wayback if it wasn't ffn (which is a no go for Wayback). But some I just can't find. Does anyone know of places I can find the following fics where links work? Or willing to send them to me as docs or epubs or pdfs? Thanks.

1. Rebeka zellers fics. Most of the links to her fics lead to a page not found page on her site.

2. A WinterSeeming Summer's Night by SnoopMaryMar

3. Legends and Legacies by Blue Rose Sky and implayingpossum

4. Judgment Day Redux by jrrm64

To Err is Human by ShippingDiva

6. Endings by cedera

Thanks again! Hope I got the tags right. Got them all Thanks!

Sep. 29th, 2014


Looking for specific shifter fic

I am looking for a wolf shifter fic where Gibbs is the first brother who has not been seen since a great battle hundreds of years ago. Tony is his only "child" then he turned to save his life. Gibbs reveals his wolf to prevent the NCIS pack being taken over by a corrupt alpha but without letting them know its him at first.

Sep. 28th, 2014

tibbs_yuletide 2013


LF: Specific fic where Tony purposefully turns Gibbs on

Over on twitter I was talking with Kat about fic based on the scene in A Weak Link where Gibbs gets out of the vehicle buckling his pants.

In the fic, Gibbs was driving, Kate was in the passenger seat, and Tony was in the back.  Tony reached up and ran his hands all over the left side of Gibbs's body on the  left sidw whre Kate couldn't see it.  Since he was driving, Gibbs couldn't say or do anything to Tony. There was a second story where Gibbs got payback on Tony for his stunt. 

FOUND: Link in comments.


McGee hostage, kidnap, slavery, BDSM

Hi, I've been reading NCIS fanfiction for some time now and am tottaly hooked on it :) I only read specific fanficitons and read most of them on and now I need your help. Most of the stories I read include McGee or any other character together with him in hostage or kidnapping situation or BDSM or slavery. The story I really liked is Hoist in which Tony and McGee are hostages in a bank, Forced Training and its Sequel and Two Masters although they're about Tony and it would be great if there were stories like those but featuring McGee. I read stories by Emerald and most of those well known which include McGee getting hurt and now it would be nice if there were some less known but excellent stories. I don't like short stories or the ones in which the character is found/rescued and recovers pretty quickly but I'm a great fan of multi chapter stories with slow development and good characterisation. I also don't mind if the stories are explicit or non-con. Can you please help me?


The Darkness He Brings - tony fic

Okay so i dont know if I am doing this right but I am looking for a copy of the fic 'the darkness he brings' it's about ziva betraying tony to a group of terrorist and they torture poor tony. they brand him with USA and it isn't NCIS that finds him after 9-12 months but another agency. I don't remember the author but I do know that they deleted the fic from fan fiction. Net. I was wondering if anyone had a copy downloaded or another link that works.

Sep. 26th, 2014


Casa Sin Verdad

I am trying to find a story called Casa Sin Verdad. I am currently reading the sequel to it called Tale of Two Hippos but would love to read the first story. The second part is Tony/Abby so I would think the first one is the same or a pre Tony/Abby relationship. Does anyone know where I can find this story? Thanks!

Sep. 27th, 2014

snapebear (dianamoon)


NCIS/Stargate Atlantis crossover

Hello. I'm looking for a crossover between NCIS and Stargate Atlantis. I think it may be set in a 24/7 D/s universe. Possibly? Or perhaps I have it muddled?
It is not Xanthe's superb "Hiding in Plain Sight".
All I can recall is that Jack o'Neill recruits Tony at Elizabeth Weir's request. Tony then leaves NCIS to become an Agent Afloat on Atlantis, solving crimes on the city-ship. Eventual pairing is Tony/Gibbs, although there may also be a Tony/OMC briefly.

Story found, link in comments.

Sep. 25th, 2014


Kelly Gibbs alive

I seem to remember a fic in which Kelly was alive but in a witness protection prgram (?). I think she showed up in the bullpen and might have started working for NCIS. Not sure about the last part my imagination could have made it up.
Any fic really that has Kelly alive in it and Gibbs just finding out about it would be interesting.


Recs for Tony slash rare pairs

I have recently read several Tony/Ari slash fics, most were non-con but not all of them and it has given me a wish to read some Tony slash with rare pairings. To me, that means not Tony/Gibbs or Tony/McGee. Also, not looking for crossover pairings, I asked for that in a post before.

This is for NCIS characters like Tony/Brad Pitt, Tony/Jimmy, Tony/Ducky, Tony/Jeffery White, Tony/Eli David, Tony/Fornell, Tony/Director Morrow, Tony/Stan Burley, Tony/Michael Rivkin, Tony/Senior, Tony/Chris Pacci, Tony/Balboa, etc. I am not looking for Original Characters but actual ones that are written in the show, though they can be one episode wonders. And I am only looking for slash pairings. It can be non-con, dub-con, or romance. I would prefer plot more than PWPs but will take what I can get.

Also, I will read stories that start with a rare pair and end up otherwise but would prefer the main focus to be on the rare pair not Tibbs or McNozzo. Self recs more than welcome. Thanks!

Sep. 24th, 2014



Tony addicted - focus on rehab.

Looking for fics where Tony is addicted to drugs/alcohol for whatever reason, and now has to face the hard battle of going to rehab and getting clean. Would love to read those fics where the team, especially Gibbs helps Tony through this difficult period. He can be in a rehab center or even go cold turkey. Can be either Tibbs or Gen fics.

Thanking everyone in advance for finding and sharing!


Case fic with Tony in charge?

Okay, so this is a general search but it's pretty specific. I'm looking for a case fic where Tony's the one in charge or ultimately catches the killer. Maybe Gibbs was shot, is on leave, or for any other reason is simply not there. Preferably gen, as I'm trying to get back to the canon and as much as I enjoy Tibbs, it's simply not canon :(

I've already read 'Stepping In', but I was thinking something similar.


Tony takes care of Gibbs (father/son)

Hi, I already checked my Bookmarks but couldn't find the fic I am looking for.
Gibbs had a stroke or a heart attack or something similar. Tony was always there for him like driving him to appointments because Gibbs couldn't/wasn't allowed to drive anymore.
I think Gibbs realised that it's like a son taking care of his father.
I'm not quite sure, but I think Tony moved in with Gibbs.
I know it's very vague, but maybe someone knows this fic.

Sep. 22nd, 2014

wincest01, j201


First Time McNozzo Recs, Please!

Hi, I'm fairly new to the NCIS fandom but I've fallen head over heels for Tim/Tony slash. Could you please rec me your faves, the longer the better? I don't care about rating or who tops, but first time recs only, please! Self recs are love! Thanks, ya'll!


Specific fic: Pre-series Tony, new to NCIS, undercover as a marine (FOUND!)

All I can recall is that there is some suspected abuse/assault by a marine against his recruits/trainees. Tony tries to help/protect a particularly struggling recruit getting bullied. Tony is desperate to prove himself to Gibbs. Ducky is his usual insightful and empathetic self and understands this. And at some point, Tony is ordered on a hard run, and while away from fellow marines, Gibbs comes along in a jeep to check-in on evidense/intel away from prying eyes; he wants to give Tony a lift (tells him it's not like he's not a real marine); Tony misunderstands the comment and refuses to get in...or maybe he does. It's fuzzy.


Tony has a mental break?

Hi, I spent ages trying to find this one, but I guess I was using the wrong tags over on AO3.

This fic is set after the episode where everyone but Tony is invited to Ziva's for a meal, and Tony is worried about hurting himself and realizes he needs help, and so checks himself into a psychiatric hospital. I think Ducky is allowed to visit him. I know that Ziva and Director Sheppard where together and that Ziva was trying to replace Tony or something.

This fic was definitely on AO3, so any help would be awesome!!!

Sep. 21st, 2014


Tony Mpreg

I'm looking for a Gibbs/Tony mpreg fic i read a while back and lost the web adress for, where Kate tells Tony he's getting fat and Tony gets upset and leaves the bullpin, i think he either goes to Abby's lab or the bathroon, and Gibbs gets mad at Kate i think he tell's her off. I can't remember if Tony knew he was pregnant yet or not.

Sep. 15th, 2014


Tony Undercover

I'm looking for a story where Tony is actually working uncover at NCIS. I think I remember reading it somewhere.

Sep. 14th, 2014


Hurt Tony, possibly Kate bashing

I am going crazy here... I am looking for a specific story, I am pretty sure was posted on AO3, it featured Tony hurt, I think maybe raped and I am pretty sure Kate was very critical about him needing help and time, I think director Morrow got really angry at her and made her do some reading about Tony. I am pretty sure it was unfinished. Anybody got any clues? Maybe it was Ziva? Maybe it was AU with Jenny or Leon and still living Kate?

Sep. 13th, 2014


Possesive Gibbs fic recs and 1 searching

I am looking for a specific Fic with adult content.

Its Gibbs/Dinozzo slash and Gibbs has a thing for seeing his cum over Tony's body. Can anyone remember which fic it was?

I would also be happy for any other Possesive/Dominant Gibbs fics without necessarily being BDSM.

Thanks in advance

P.s mods I know there is a way to screen more adult content in posts, but I don't know how or if this needs it. Please edit as approriate.



so this story was so good and I loved it but could not find it again....what I know is that Tony was accused of being dirty and was fired only to know later that he was sit up to look dirty so he could go undercover...He was so mad at Gibbs because he didn't tell him or try to help him and he was thinking of leaving. ..anyone remembers it?

Sep. 12th, 2014


LF: Author on

Does anyone know the author for a story called "Pound of Flesh" on's not the one by ncismom. It had to do with McGee getting shot in the head and being in a coma. The link is in my history, but the story has been deleted. I just wanted to see if the author had plans on re-posting it. Thank you for help!

p.s I hope I did the tags correctly!

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